Jesus served others with love and kindness, and you can too. At New Life CityChurch, serving is necessary for continued spiritual growth and a part of our lifelong spiritual development.
As a community, we are not a few professionals hired to serve the masses, rather we are on mission to use our diverse God-given talents to serve Jesus together.
We have plenty of serving opportunities that range from a one-time event to an ongoing commitment. Our “Serving Opportunities Board” offers you a way to browse options that might be of interest. Whether you find an opportunity or not, we would love to connect you with someone to personally walk you through the process of finding your best serving opportunity.
Jason and Ellen Bell lead this team and can’t wait to get to know you personally. They know what it’s like to visit a new church, make new friends and find ways to serve. You’re in good hands.

To find ways to serve, head over to our serve board.

Questions about serving?

If you're interested in serving, reach out to us. We would love to answer any questions you may have as you explore ways to serve.