At New Life CityChurch, “Groups” are where people find their place to belong, their community, and grow in relationships and next steps in their faith journey. Our starting point is our Sunday morning, Corporate Worship services. Whether attending in person or online we desire for people to connect with us corporately as a part of the New Life community and family. Belonging often begins in the largest, safest context then adjusts to smaller contexts as comfortability and connections grow.

 “We are created for community. …More than any single need, like self-esteem or personal autonomy, human beings fundamentally need a place to belong.” --- Jeremy Linneman, Life-Giving Groups

Affinity Groups

A convenient next “Group” to participate in are our Affinity Groups – groups of 5-50 people that assemble regularly (weekly, monthly or quarterly) around a common life stage or felt need.

Our Affinity Groups include Elevate KC (Youth), Gather KC (Young Adults), Women, Men, and Building Bridges (racial reconciliation).

Connect Groups

An increased level of belonging and closer relationships can then be found in our Connect Groups where we desire to connect people to God and to one another. Since life happens in seasons, so do our Connect Groups. We have two primary seasons of about 10 weeks long - January to Easter and September to Thanksgiving – with some Connect Groups opting to continue meeting for additional seasons.

Our Connect Groups include Men's, Women's, and Mixed groups. Mixed Groups consist of people in a variety of age, marital and family stages all willing to connect to God and one another. We have a wide variety of days, times and locations all around the city for our Connect Groups.