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A few days ago, I was sitting on the couch with Dallas and I looked down at his hand and noticed that his thumbnail looked different. “What happened to your thumb?” It only took a matter of seconds for he and the rest of our family to remind me that Dallas’s thumbnail was deformed as […]


A few months ago I paid a visit to the eye doctor. I couldn’t order more contacts without a new prescription so I booked the appointment. Over the course of the appointment, I looked through a lot of lenses and read a lot of letters. I walked out of there with a little less money […]

Preparing for Easter

I read an Instagram post by Bob Goff that says, “Darkness fell, His friends scattered, hope seemed lost – but Heaven just started counting to three.” As Christians, we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus every Sunday (actually every day). However, once per year we come to a date on the calendar that represents the day, Jesus […]


I am writing this from Liberia after a jam-packed week with emotional highs and lows. Some of you may know that Leigh-Ann and I have worked hard to adopt Titus. Unfortunately, this dream has not ended the way we had envisioned it. We had dreams of bringing him home to America after we finalized his […]

Boss Button!

This week I (Jason) thought I would take a stab at the weekly email and let Troy focus on the (college basketball) sermon! If you’ve known me for long, you have learned that, while I enjoy playing sports, and even watching sports, I am 100% incompetent when it comes to talking about sports. I can’t […]