New Life CityChurch’s Young Adults Ministry is a regular gathering of young singles and couples alike. Our primary gathering is a city-wide corporate quiet time called Gather KC.

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Becca Sanford

God has deeply burdened me for my generation. The reality is, the majority of the Millennial and the Gen Z population are post-Christian and want nothing to do with God or spiritual things. Knowing this, personally, I knew there was no way I could continue to live my life doing anything else but helping my peers walk into their daily mission fields well equipped and completely in love with Jesus Christ. Being a part of Gather KC allows everyone involved to do just that. Gather KC exists to see young people equipped to follow Jesus. We do this by creating a space to worship Jesus, to be in rich community, and to step boldly into mission together. I really believe that God is significantly at work in the lives of young people in our city. God has given us an opportunity at New Life to steward an amazing group of world changers that really wants to see God’s Kingdom advance. I also have to brag on our Gather KC leadership team. I am so thankful to be a part of a group that is more concerned with knowing Jesus and being faithful to Him rather than running a “successful” ministry. Our prayer is that we would see Kansas City and our world be saturated by the Gospel and be impacted by young adults who passionately follow Jesus and walk obediently and joyfully into their callings. If God wants to use us Gather KC as a small part of His plan to advance His Kingdom, we are all in. How could you not be excited about that?

Matt Collier

In 2018, the youth (Elevate KC) took a trip to the Dominican Republic. While serving there, we had a moment with our youth kids on the rooftop of the building we were staying in. It was around 11:30 PM and the kids were chatting and stargazing together. We turned on some worship music and within a few minutes the chatter stopped and kids began worshipping quietly to themselves, raising their hands and experiencing the Lord. After a few more minutes, the night turned into a night of breakthrough for these kids. Tears were shed, friendships were created and the Lord truly worked in the heart of each and every kid/leader on that trip. Afterwards, we realized that so many people desire time to be with Jesus throughout the business of life and thus we committed to creating that space. Gather KC exists to see young people equipped to follow Jesus. Our leadership team has committed to creating a space to worship Jesus, to be in rich community, and to step boldly into a mission together. So, a saying we have at Gather is, “We want you to experience Peace by Pausing in His Presence.” Ultimately, we know the burden of this generation as the future leaders of our churches, cities and nation – so we believe now more than ever we want to take the stand and be intentional to allow God’s Kingdom advanced through each person at Gather. We would love for you to come be part of what the Lord is doing at Gather KC!