Whether your passion is for work inside the church or ministry to our community, there is opportunity and support for you at New Life CityChurch. To learn more about service opportunities at New Life CityChurch, read below. If you’re ready to sign up now, click the “Get Involved” button.

Connect with Others
Serve the Body

Neighbors Who Care is our mission branch at New Life where we serve those in our city, outside our walls.  For many people, life in the city offers only a bleak existence.  The bitter realities of human slavery, homelessness, neglect, and food insecurity plague the lives of countless men, women, and children in cities around the globe. Although none of these issues are easy to solve, the love of Jesus, as citizens of His kingdom, compels us to action.  Below are the various ways which we do this at New Life.

Caring for Our Community

As believers, we are also called to care for the poor and orphaned in our community. Learn more below about how we are doing this and take the next step to get involved.

  • Food Insecurity (New Life Food Pantry)
  • For My City (Summer Mission Trip to Kansas City)
  • Families in Crisis/Responding to Fatherlessness – We help deliver life-changing, emergency resources to local families that are in dire straits. Often times these are single mothers struggling financially or foster parents trying to accommodate new children and the items we deliver can literally make all the difference in keeping a family intact.   Other times, we are serving victims of crime or other trauma.  Once the immediate need is met, our volunteers engage and pray with families and offer ongoing support and relationship. Check out our stories from the field and impact report to learn more.
Transforming Our Community

At New Life we are passionate about helping to proactively address the following four core issues in our community:  Human trafficking, Racial Reconciliation, Education and Fatherlessness. Learn more below about how we are doing this and take the next step to get involved.

*These are Partner Organizations – email care@newlifekc.org for more info on getting involved.

Connecting with Our Community
If you have questions, about service at New Life CityChurch, email care@newlifekc.org. To volunteer for service opportunities at New Life CityChurch, click the “Get Involved” button below.