We Are the Branches

We Are the Branches

Taking time for reflection allows individuals to become empowered and encouraged as they consider just how many ways God has provided for and intervened on behalf of families in crisis.

Recently the volunteers of Neighbors Who Care (NWC) met to reflect on the fruits of their labor in providing for various needs, and in so doing, showing the love of Christ to many in the KC Metropolitan community. An organization such as NWC is made up of volunteers from all walks of life, including young adults, empty nesters, churchgoers, and many others who just have a heart for helping people in need.

One of our challenges is that as followers of Christ, we may not see the redemption or turning point for every individual we pray for or shower with God’s love; nonetheless, we must pursue showing God’s grace, mercy, and love to all we encounter.

Occasions such as this aforementioned party allowed for volunteers to share about the impact NWC has had on families, as well as provide an opportunity to express how discouraging it can be to not see the fruits of one’s labor. 1 Corinthians 3:6-9 details how one plants, another waters, and God ultimately gives the increase.

Though an immediate response may not be seen on all investments made, God uses every seed in a significant way to recapture the hearts of his creation.

Every car ride, donation, or rent check provided allows for a need to be met that ultimately instills in the hearts of individuals that God cares about every single person and wants to provide for them.

Photo courtesy of www.wisemove.co.za

This was evident in a story that one team member shared about a single mom in recovery who had just lost a child at the same time her new twins were born.  The first several weeks of care, prior to meeting her in person, involved mainly texts and coordination of resources to help make her home livable for all the children, as quickly as possible.  This team member shared that this stage of care can feel fruitless in terms of trying to have a real connection and impact on someone experiencing trauma, when all that is happening is back-and-forth texts, talking about delivery logistics.  However, this mom shared that she couldn’t believe all the kindness she was receiving from our organization and that she wasn’t accustomed to seeing this kind of treatment from organizations without strings attached.  It was so encouraging to hear that even such a minimal level of personal interaction left her feeling loved and cared for on a deeper level than what we had assumed.

Another organization that NWC recently “gave birth” to, Good Dads KC (gooddadskc.com), had a gathering where reflections occurred, as well. Through weekly meetings at Bridge of Hope Church in Kansas City, KS (bridgeofhopekc.org), leaders are seeing dramatic changes in between 20 to 30 men that have committed to the weekly gatherings. Men are understanding and vocalizing the new found commitment they have to their faith in Christ and their children through the training they’ve received on topics like self control, how to make proper decisions and anger management. Fathers are dedicating themselves to showing their children the same unconditional love that their heavenly father has shown to them.

By supporting NWC and Good Dads KC with your prayers, finances, and even your time,  you may not always see immediate results or earth shattering transformations; but just as God is patient and faithful with us, so are we to be with those whom he has called us to serve.



John 15:5 “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”