Our two dogs, Gratzi and Poppi are growing as best friends. This has not been automatic, in fact in the beginning Gratzi was not at all amused by a new puppy in our household….a very jumpy puppy at that….

The logic presented at the family dinner table one evening was that Gratzi needed a friend. As you might guess, another mouth to feed was not my favorite idea, however with some convincing from Leigh-Ann and the kids, I relented :).

We’ve had our moments to be sure…but we are growing closer together. A few days ago, I was actually quite entertained by the two dogs. I was sitting with a cup of coffee in the morning, reading and enjoying some solitude when Poppi came over with a rope. She wanted me to play tug-of-war with her, so we did. While we were playing, I had a cup of coffee in one hand and the rope in my other hand….suddenly, she pulled so hard I spilled my coffee on my sweatshirt.

It was fun while it lasted but the wet sweatshirt wasn’t my favorite, so I sent her away. Meanwhile, while we had been playing tug-of-war, Gratzi came by to see if she was missing out on some fun…so, after I ignored Poppi for a few minutes, Gratzi convinced her to start in a wrestling match.

It was pretty entertaining to see the dogs entertain themselves and me…it also made me feel bad for ignoring Poppi after the sweatshirt incident.

Have you ever had someone ignore you? Or possibly even betray you? I think we’ve each experienced this at one time or another.

This Sunday, I look forward to diving into John 18:1-11…this is the part where Jesus and His disciples head to the Garden of Gethsemane and Judas betrays Jesus. Although betrayal is an unfortunate part of life, we can be encouraged by the response of Jesus.

Beyond this, I also hope you and I are challenged to live in such a way that we not only refuse to betray Jesus in our words and works, but we also grow stronger as loyal Christ-followers.

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