Several days ago we had a tragedy at our home…it was actually New Year’s day and we were each laying around watching football when all of a sudden, Gratzi came walking over toward us and Poppi attacked her viciously, unprovoked.

This was not a friendly wrestling match at all….

Within a split second, Poppi lost it on Gratzi….even though she is younger and smaller, she went after Gratzi like a shark with blood in the water.

Everything seemed to be in slow motion as the dogs were fighting, Poppi literally was choking Gratzi by her neck…Leigh-Ann was first to the scene and the kids were right behind….there was barking and screaming, pillows were flying and after a few seconds that seemed like minutes, Poppi was pulled off and Gratzi was completely traumatized from being victimized.

We were at a loss for what to do next. This was the second vicious attack within a few weeks, and since they seemed to be escalating we wondered if we had not been there, what could have happened.

We have guests to our house regularly and this was also something to consider. Finally, after a few hours of discussion back and forth with the rescue who gave us Poppi…and plenty of tears, we decided the best decision would be to bring Poppi to KC Pet Project.

The people there were incredibly helpful and calming. We shared our story and every bit of information we had on Poppi. They were very confident she would be adopted out soon into a one-puppy, no kid home.

We stopped at Sonic to help everyone feel better and began settling into a new norm with just one dog. Although the decision was very difficult, we haven’t regretted it, because we couldn’t guarantee Poppi would change (or that Gratzi would ever come out from under the bed again).

Fortunately, when it comes to our spiritual lives, people can change. Not on our own, but by the power of God. This Sunday, Pastor Don Lewis will be starting a new sermon series from the book of Titus on the topic of transformation.

The Apostle Paul wrote to people who were known for dishonesty. The people from Crete had a reputation for lying, However, when the Gospel of Jesus was introduced, people were transformed and the Island began to have a different reputation.

I sure hope you can attend in person at 8:00, 9:15 (Full KidCity available) or 10:45 am, or watch the Livestream on YouTube (Like and Subscribe) or Facebook at 10:45 am.