The Best Father’s Day Gift is Being a Good Dad

The Best Father’s Day Gift is Being a Good Dad

For Father’s Day this year, we at Neighbors Who Care would like to take this opportunity to celebrate all of the good dads out there and share our passion for helping every dad to be a good one.

The impact that dads have, positive or negative, goes much deeper than many of us realize, not only on the hearts and lives of their children, but on our communities and society as a whole. Children who grow up without fathers are more likely to have behavioral problems, abuse drugs or alcohol, commit crimes and even suicide. It is not only tragic that so many children are handed this fate, but these issues affect our society and even us as individuals. It feels like every time we turn on the news there is another mass shooting – two in fact already this year in the KC area alone.

We should not be surprised by things like this, when men have increasingly abandoned their role as fathers. In 1980, 20% of children grew up without a father in the home.

Today, that number has increased to 34% in the US and a whopping 46% in KC.

This should compel us all to action, and while we may not be able to agree about how much to control access to guns, we can all agree that every child deserves a good dad and a chance to live a safe, stable, healthy and happy life.


Good Dads KC ( helps dads take responsibility for the vital role they play in their childrens’ lives. In Matthew 3:17, when Jesus was being baptized, God said to him, “…This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.” Before Jesus had performed any healings, cast out any demons, or rose from the dead, God was pleased with him; it was unconditional and unalterable.

Moms play a very important role too, but there is something significant about God speaking to Jesus as a father to a son. Fathers have the power to invoke this into their children.

In counseling, Pastor Don has heard people share that they have never heard their fathers say “I’m pleased with you,” and some have even heard their fathers tell them they will never amount to anything. We can’t expect fathers who never heard these things growing up be able to say these things to their own children. Through Good Dads KC, we help them heal so they can.

For instance, during a recent Good Dads KC meeting at Bridge of Hope church in KCK (, the teaching was on the topic of learning self-control. How many of the 250 mass shootings in the US so far this year had a man with self-control pulling the trigger?

Good Dads KC helps dads from all walks of life, with all different pasts behind them, grow in character and change their legacy.

One man by the name of Devon had been in prison for 45 years and had killed a man while he was there. Now he was sitting here at a training, ready to make a change. He shared that he had been walking down the street and offered to help a homeless man. The homeless man flipped out and started yelling at Devon and threatening him. Anyone in this situation would be tempted to retaliate with violence after experiencing this level of disrespect, especially someone with a past like Devon’s.

However, Devon remembered what he learned, that it was his choice in this moment how he was going to respond. Miraculously, he walked away.

Devon applied the decision making process we taught him:

1) Evaluate the consequences of your decision.

2) Don’t slide into a decision.

3) Make a choice in your decision, then own it.


This is what we are all about – real fruit. It’s not a quick fix; we didn’t get ourselves into this mess overnight and we are not getting out of it overnight. But it can start here.


We need your help to reach fathers like Devon.

  • $260 will put one father who is ready to turn his life around through a 20-week training session.
  • A gift of any size will help bring one man closer to being a good dad for his family.

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