Thailand Missions Trip 2017

Dear friends and family,

I’m going back to Bangkok!


The first four months gave me a good taste of what it was like to live and serve as a follower of Christ on the opposite side of the world and I will be returning shortly to resume ministry with the SCPI team and to continue to train leaders and grow the church in Asia.

The Lord is working in incredible ways in Thailand and I’m thankful I got to be a part of what He is doing. I can’t thank you all at home enough for supporting me while I was in Bangkok. I hope I had the opportunity to share with you how the Holy Spirit is moving through the hearts of believers out there, and if I haven’t, I hope some of the following answers to frequently asked questions will bring some clarity to the time I spent out there and what I will be doing over the next year with the SCPI team.

What’s the overall goal in going back for a year?

To aid and increase the vision of giving every man, woman, and child a repeated opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel in a way that they can feel and understand in their own language within Asia.

How do you do that?

We share the gospel directly and fearlessly while networking with other Christians across Asia. We invest heavily in training believers who are nationals from different countries and walk alongside them in their spiritual growth – helping give them a vision to advance the kingdom in their own communities.

What are the ministries that you are a part of?

I serve the SCPI team in any way that I can and the past 4 months I did it all. I traveled to Nepal for envisioning sessions with church leaders from the two largest cities in the country, I networked with dozens of missionaries from different nationalities within Bangkok to aid in their work, and I participated in leadership training sessions with pastors from India. Everything that we do is relationship-driven, so much of the ministry was simply to different people groups who come from all across the spiritual spectrum. Whether it’s sharing the gospel with migrant Cambodians who have never heard it before or walking with and learning from Indian church leaders who have planted dozens of churches in their home province, I help identify their spiritual needs and find the best way to walk alongside them as they strive towards the goal of making Jesus’ name known across the nations.

So more specifically, what are the ministries that you are a part of?

Thai college students – I partner with missionaries in Bangkok who are working to bring the gospel to Thai universities. I teach conversational English and spend time with students, helping them understand the gospel and who Jesus is.

Migrant Cambodians/Burmese construction workers – I help serve Chheang (my Cambodian roommate) and his ministry to the Khmer speaking population within Bangkok. There are thousands, and many without access to the gospel in their own language, so Chheang and I bring it to them. We partner with Christian Thai nationals and teach English and communication skills to both kids and adults. We are champions for their community and want to help them in any way that we can, so I spend a lot of time loving on people and answering questions on subjects that may be difficult to understand.

The English speaking church in BKK/expats – I am the worship leader for our Sunday gatherings, where gifted co-workers bring the truth of the gospel to anyone we can invite. The expat community in Thailand is huge and many of them come from post-church nations, which can make them challenging to reach at times, but they need love just as much as anyone else out there.

Pakistani refugees – The situation is tough, and I have to be more careful with what I share in this category more so than in any other, but know that there are Christian brothers and sisters in Thailand who are facing real persecution without much help. We walk beside them in any and every way that we can.

ALI training sessions – The Asian Leadership Institute, a training program created for church leaders, is something we host in Bangkok and periodically we bring in pastors from India to walk them through biblical training in theology and leadership.

My team – There is a good handful of faithful believers who have moved their lives overseas to live in a country that is not their own to proclaim the truth of the gospel to a people that is not their own. The harvest is plentiful but the workers indeed are few. If the least I could do is encourage my co-workers to run the race well, going back to Bangkok for a year would be worth it.

How can we support you?

Prayerfully and financially – prayer being the more important of the two. I need money to go back and to survive on, but I’m going back regardless of what I raise. Living in Bangkok is going to cost me approximately $735 per month. Which is going to cover domestic expenses of living and some travel.

The more I raise, the more I will be able to travel with the team internationally as we continue to train leaders and nurture relationships with believers. My goal is to raise $5,000 for the return to Bangkok. It will keep me afloat and allow me to serve full-time with SCPI for 6 months before I need to get a job, either teaching English or in architecture, which I may have to do eventually for Visa purposes.

I can’t thank you all enough for giving generously to this mission, and I would love for you to contact me personally with details on how you can get emails from me, so that you may know how to pray specifically for the needs of the church in Asia.

God bless,

Ian Leavey


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