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Fake Fans

The fact that the Kansas City Chiefs are in the super bowl is awesome for Kansas City. I have noticed that simply wearing any sort of Chiefs memorabilia instantly makes friends. Anywhere from the grocery store to the gas station, simply saying, “Go Chiefs” to someone in red makes me smile from ear to ear. […]


Today is a day of reflection for millions of people around the world. It is our privilege to remember the most significant death of Jesus, the Son of God. Jesus endured agony beyond our wildest imaginations during the crucifixion process. While on the cross, He made seven short statements that reveal His heart:             Father, […]

New Life Sunday – Lunch date…

Today, I had a pretty awesome lunch date with Alexa. She initially asked me to take her on her field trip to Jefferson City for a tour of the Capital, etc., however the volunteer list filled up before I had a chance to respond (bummer…yeah, bummer…uh huh). Call me crazy, but driving a car load of […]

New Life Sunday – Fallen bread…

This morning the kids were all hungry when they got up…surprise. Some days they all have to eat the same thing and we do the whole, “teach them how to eat…obey…build character…etc.” On other days…like today…they have a lazy morning. One had cereal, the other had a bagel, one had apple sauce and Isaiah wanted a peanut […]

New Life Sunday – Highlight Reel…

This morning Leigh-Ann and I and the boys attended the end of the year school assembly for Lexi and Sophie. Where has time gone? We sat in the back to watch with great anticipation…the kids were outstanding…especially ours :). I was reminded how biased that I am for our children…and that is when my epiphany all started from […]