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Today I received a FaceTime call from our new son, Titus. He is quite the little guy and he wanted to show “daddy” his chicken. There is something pretty amazing about looking into his eyes and hearing him tell me about his chicken. It also seems that he is pretty excited about coming to ‘Murica […]

New Life Sunday – 3 celebrations…

This Sunday is a big deal…for at least three reasons! 1. It’s Easter 2. It’s my dad’s 70th birthday 3. It marks the 7 year anniversary of New Life The importance of these milestones are really in order. Easter is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. This is no small claim! Every Sunday, Christ followers gather all over the world to […]

New Life Sunday – The irony of humility

Over the past two weeks the health of my grandmother has digressed…she has endured a heart attack, kidney failure and pneumonia…she is 91 years old and barring a miracle will be in Heaven with Grandpa very soon. This past week, I have reflected on many incredible memories: Eating grandma’s homemade Lefse and Kringla Watching grandma dote […]

New Life Sunday – Tape Delay

The Olympics have been a lot of fun so far. If I had to choose my favorite moment, it would be Michael Phelps winning the gold over Ryan Lochte last night. I knew he was going to win…No, I really knew… Not only has NBC been playing the big events on tape delay during prime time, we […]

New Life Sunday – Modeling for our faith…

In 1988, Dan Wieden from Portland Oregon came up with a catchy slogan for Nike: Just do it!  According to many experts, this phrase helped to propel Nike into the top place of sporting goods manufacturing to the tune of more than 20 Billion per year in sales. Three words that spoke to heart of humanity…Just…Do…It! Last Sunday, James […]