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Today is a day of reflection for millions of people around the world. It is our privilege to remember the most significant death of Jesus, the Son of God. Jesus endured agony beyond our wildest imaginations during the crucifixion process. While on the cross, He made seven short statements that reveal His heart:             Father, […]

New Life Sunday – True story…

Last night and again today, Cru (www.cru.org)  provided the means to bring Josh McDowell to New Life for two different talks. I was incredibly moved by Josh’s story last night (www.josh.org/video-2/joshs-testimony/). For 40 minutes he shared the raw truth of what it felt like to grow up in an abusive home. He was physically beaten by […]

New Life Sunday – Love it…

I am pretty sure you have noticed by now that it is getting dark outside…way to early! The bad news about daylight savings time is that when you lose it, the only value is an extra hour of sleep…unless of course you have kids, then you don’t even get that. It’s like clockwork, very early on […]

New Life Sunday…Home Run!!!

Leigh-Ann knocked it out of the park this week. She is definitely a home run hitter so it’s not a total surprise, however this week it came in dramatic fashion…kind of like a walk off homer. Two weeks ago we decided to repaint our bathroom…rather I should say, she decided to repaint our bathroom. (Strike One) It […]