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Lamar Hunt

On Thursday, I was able to take a tour of Arrowhead stadium with Dallas and his 5th grade class. We began with a learning session about Lamar Hunt…which one of his classmates kept confusing with Lamar Jackson :). Lamar Hunt was passionate about all things sports. He founded the American Football League, Kansas City Chiefs and […]

New Life Sunday – Cliff hopping…

Maturity is something that grows through experience and over time. For some, it takes longer than others. When I was in college, our football team took a missions trip to Ireland. We had a blast! And if you are reading this and gave sacrificially to this trip, we also served many needs and shared the good […]

New Life Sunday – The irony of humility

Over the past two weeks the health of my grandmother has digressed…she has endured a heart attack, kidney failure and pneumonia…she is 91 years old and barring a miracle will be in Heaven with Grandpa very soon. This past week, I have reflected on many incredible memories: Eating grandma’s homemade Lefse and Kringla Watching grandma dote […]