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At the moment, I am hanging with five other guys and together we make up a discipleship group. We are different…no, we are each really different. Different races… Different ages… Different experiences… Different opinions… Different family history… Different tragedies… Different occupations… Different backgrounds when it comes to our spiritual backgrounds… So, you may be tempted […]

“The Bible” Mini-Series

I want to get right to the point. I have been hearing about the new mini-series “The Bible” airing on the History Channel in March. I have done enough research to be confident in the following:·         The quality will be excellent·         The story will be accurate·         The influence will be global Here is an idea for […]

Discipleship 101

Hey everyone…today I came across a good article on discipleship by Robert Delnay and wanted to share an excerpt with you… From the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, He began calling disciples to follow Him (Matthew 4:18-22), and He seems to have taken them along on His preaching tours right away. John 4:2 implies that from […]

2013, Bible reading and discipleship

 Happy New Years Eve!!! This is your last day to prepare your New Year’s resolutions…..or….dissolutions if you heard Fred during Brag on God yesterday. 2013  Even without a Mayan Calendar for guidance, I am expecting this to be an incredible year for the New Life family. God has been opening up opportunities for us to […]