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Unexpected intersections for prayer

This morning while wrapping up our Tuesday  morning Bible study at @newlifekc, we had a visitor that was unexpected to us, but totally expected by God. Since Leigh-Ann and I moved downtown, we have frequently visited the @myfamilydollar store on 31st and Troost. The employees have always been very kind and welcoming. As a result, […]

New Life Sunday – Authenticity…

Several years ago a friend gave me the book, “Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire” by Jim Cymballa, pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle. The book began with Pastor Jim filling in the pulpit for his father in law at a small dying church….that expanded to helping with two churches in New York….after working hard and becoming very […]

New Life Sunday — Get Real

This past Tuesday we held a training session for an addictions recovery program that we are hoping to launch soon at New Life. The name of the ministry is the acronym J.U.M.P. (http://www.jumprecovery.org/) which is short for, “Jesus Understands My Problems.” In its simplest and alliterated (of course) form, the program uses truth, tools and testimony […]

New Life Sunday – Cross Fit

 I love watching champion athletes perform. I love the game, the competition, the passion, the work, the intensity, the unknowns, the momentum and I especially love the feeling that comes with winning. No matter the sport, the road to the ultimate victory is paved with scores of smaller but just as meaningful victories. These smaller victories […]

New Life Sunday – A 3 year old, a bike and Revelation 20

Dallas turned 3 this past week and for that remarkable accomplishment Grammie bought him a bike. Turning 3 is no small feat…·         He eats, sleeps and plays·         He is potty trained·         He shares his toys (sometimes voluntarily)·         He tags along with the family wherever we drag him·         He laughs a lot And now to add yet […]

New Life Sunday – Madness…

March Madness…or shall I say, March Maddening? If you are a Missouri fan…and this just in…Duke fans, you may want to make sure you read this one all the way to the bottom. 98.8% of people filling out brackets on Yahoo (several million) predicted that the Tigers would win in the first round. In case you haven’t […]

New Life Sunday – RIP Jeans

Imagine life without your:-Cell phone-Computer-Favorite pair of jeans-Ice Cream-Bed-Favorite sweats Not cool! Earlier I was thinking about my absolute favorite pair of jeans. They fit perfect and have aged well in every place but the knees. I stopped wearing them several months ago, but refuse to throw them away. I wish I could use them as shorts, but […]