Sweaty Sabbath

Sweaty Sabbath

It’s hard to believe summer is almost over…and it went way too fast. Yesterday, someone described life as a merry-go-round at the playground….that starts slow and continually picks up speed until you just fly off.

I don’t think the ending sounds great, but the picking-up speed certainly is relatable 😊.

Since life is busy and time is going so fast, I value the times I can take to slow down and catch my breath. Ironically, one of my favorite ways to rest and restore is to take my mountain bike out to the trails.

It’s my sweaty sabbath!

It had been a while since I’d been able to bike, but on Monday, I was able to head out for a bike ride and was again reminded of the necessity to take the long look. The trails I ride go up and down. There are plenty of rocks and roots. Sometimes the turns are sharp and the path is narrow.

If I am only looking a few feet in front of my tire, it won’t be long before I will have to step off, fall off or fly off…(in order of preference for the landing :).

However, when I look a long way down the path, I am able to choose the best part of the path and prepare for obstacles, and even enjoy the beauty of nature. But there are times when an extra-large obstacle looms and threatens to hold my attention.

Pretty soon fear pops up and doubt begins to overtake my thoughts. I think this is a fitting parable for life. When you and I get short-sighted, we are in trouble.

This Sunday, I am looking forward to hearing Pastor Dave continue our sermons series, “Thriving in an evil world.” He will preach a sermon from Psalm 37:30-36 entitled, “Wait for it! Waiting with confidence while mockers smile.”

When we scroll through our newsfeeds, it might seem like evil people are winning….with a smile on their faces. I look forward to hearing Pastor Dave teach us how to take the long look in life…and on the trail 😊.

I sure hope to see you on Sunday at 8:00, 9:15 (Full KidCity available) or 10:45 am, or you can watch the Livestream on YouTube (Like and Subscribe) or Facebook at 10:45 am.