Struggling Single Mom Finally Gets a Car

Struggling Single Mom Finally Gets a Car

Erin, a single mother of three from Shawnee, Kansas, contracted COVID-19 in November 2020.  The illness devastated her transplanted kidney and sent her into end-stage kidney failure, requiring Erin to spend a lot of time this year at doctor’s appointments and undergoing weekly dialysis. All the medical appointments and treatments, in turn, made it hard for Erin to keep up her hours at her nursing assistant’s job. When we met her in June, Erin was falling behind on her rent and utilities and her circumstances were growing more and more difficult with every month.

Another complication in Erin’s life was that she hadn’t had a car since the end of 2020, after her car had been totaled in an accident. For months, Erin and her kids had been struggling to get by with a combination of public transportation, rides from friends and family, and Uber.

Despite Erin’s best efforts, she had become trapped in a vicious cycle:

  • Her health status meant she was physically limited at work so her employer couldn’t schedule her for as many hours
  • Being reliant on public transportation and Uber further restricted the days and times she could be available and at the same time increased her expenses, and
  • The limited hours in turn meant that she couldn’t earn enough to keep up with her rent and bills and she had no way to save enough to purchase the vehicle that would allow her to expand her opportunities.

With funds donated through CarePortal, we were able to provide Erin with an Uber card to provide some immediate relief with her expenses getting to and from work. We were also able to make sure she was getting weekly deliveries of food from Harvesters.

But Erin needed more than a gift card – she needed a helping hand to break. the cycle she’d become caught up in.  Neighbors Who Care connected Erin with Road Worthy to see if we might be able to find a vehicle for her. At the same time, an extremely generous donor decided to gift her deceased father’s car, a 2000 Suzuki Esteem, to Road Worthy. She’d heard about the organization’s mission and wanted to help. The car had been well cared for and was in great shape – a perfect match for Erin. NWC and Road Worthy were able to deliver the car to Erin and her children on September 15, 2021.

In Erin’s own words:

Hi my name is Erin I am a single mom of 3, Isaac (18), Dominique (17), and Lyanna Kay (10). 

I had a kidney transplant in 2018, and before that I did Dialysis for 6 years. I am back on the transplant list due to covid (B+) but very blessed to be alive . I have been without a car for 7 months and have been taking Uber back and forth to work and due to me being down from Covid, it’s been hard to get a vehicle and getting back and forth to my Dr. appointments.

Having a car is a blessing for me because now I can make it to my appointments and get to work on time. Having to ask for rides and wait for others to get done or even canceling appointments because you don’t want to be a bother can really tear a person up.

But now being blessed so I can get on my feet and take my kids where they need to go is going to feel so great, so I say thank you to my Angels thank you for blessing my family with a second chance to push forward in life and thank you to the family that donated the car.

You are a God send and we will take great care of the car, our Angel.

Mike Sewell (Road Worthy) introduces Erin to her new car.


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