Sooner rather than later

Sooner rather than later

A few weeks ago, the boys and I were driving to Dallas, TX. We finished up a few projects around the house, packed the car and took off.

It was hot outside and cool in the car…which had more to do with the AC than the passengers 😊. We were headed south, and within a short time, traffic thinned out, I set the cruise and we settled in for the next 500 miles.

After looking at pretty much the same scenery for a few hours, I decided to look closer at my maps and discovered we were going to drive right through Norman, Oklahoma where my nephew and niece had just returned after their wedding.

I sent them a quick text to ask what they were doing in three hours and if they wanted to meet up. Everything worked out and we made the connection.

We toured the football stadium, campus, classrooms, and labs. Even though we were the only people around, we imagined what it would look and sound like when 86,112 people were crowded in for a game. We shared plenty of laughter and reminiscing and then our time was up and we had to press forward.

As we finished up our trip that day, I mused about how close we were to missing our loved ones. If I hadn’t looked at the map, we would have missed out on a great opportunity.

Similarly, there are times we live out our lives…day in and day out…and we miss amazing opportunities because we fail to look at our map for life. Too often we ignore the Scriptures and as a result, miss out on God’s plan for us.

This Sunday, I look forward to continuing our series through Psalm 37, “Thriving in an evil world.” We will focus on Psalm 37:3-6 where David offers a challenge for us to trust, delight and commit ourselves.

But how?

Well…after spending time this week looking closely at the commands found in these verses, there is plenty of encouragement and direction. In fact, we will discover, when we seek God, He consistently guides, provides, and presides for our good and His glory.

There is so much more to share, I sure hope to see you on Sunday at 8:00, 9:15 (Full KidCity available) or 10:45 am, or you can watch the Livestream on YouTube (Like and Subscribe) or Facebook at 10:45 am.