Today I saw a headline about an NFL player who is retiring to spend his life spreading the gospel.

Khari Willis is a three-year veteran for the Indianapolis Colts. He started almost all of his games during his career and was slated to return as a starter again this year. He was only one year away from free agency where the experts predicted he would sign a large multi-million dollar contract.

He said, “With much prayer and deliberation, I have elected to officially retire from the NFL as I endeavor to devote the remainder of my life to the further advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

It’s hard for me to imagine making this decision, especially in light of our culture that places such a high value on making money and becoming famous. If Khari is able to succeed in his calling, he will likely spend decades in humble service making a lot less money.

However, if God has called him to this life of ministry, he will no doubt be happier, more fulfilled and be used to make a much bigger impact for the kingdom.

Reading this story raises the question: Why is it such a big deal to walk away from a large sum of money to live out one’s God-given purpose?

Perhaps, one of the reasons this story is so rare is because most of the voices around us tell us we just need to accumulate more money in order to be happy. But is that true? Does more money equate to more happiness?

Our sermon series, Get Rich Quick, has been making the Biblical argument that instead of more money, as Christians we need more godliness, more contentment, and more generosity. The point is not the amount of money we have, but rather what we do with the money God has given us.

This week, we will study from 2 Corinthians 8:1-8, where Paul is teaching about churches that took an offering to assist those who had been affected by a severe famine. Even though the first century Christians had very little money themselves, they were begging for an opportunity to help fellow Christians they had never even met. This level of generosity challenges my personal financial decisions.

And the story of Khari Willis inspires us to redefine our own sacrifices for the kingdom… On another note, Khari’s retirement could be just what the Chiefs needed for a playoff run this year😊.

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