Rejection can be a gift

Rejection can be a gift

This week the teenagers, college-age and young adults from New Life are serving Kansas City on a missions trip called, “For my City.” We have some incredible young leaders who have done everything from planning and budgeting to organizing and now leading about fifty or so people into ministry opportunities all over Kansas City.

A few days ago, we had a final section of the calendar we needed to be filled out on Friday (today) from 11-1:30 pm. I love to help with some of the ministry connections, however, this specific time was simply getting rejected at every attempt.

Finally, on Wednesday, I sat down at my desk to listen for God’s voice on this need and it occurred I should call some daycare facilities.

My second call was to a daycare five minutes away. As soon as I explained we would like to bring over 20-30 teens and young adults to offer a carnival for the kids, the director said, “you’re going to make me cry.”

This had not been my typical response and she followed up by asking how I got her number. I told her I had just googled her and then set a time later in the afternoon to meet her and talk details.

Two of the young adult leaders jumped in my car and we drove to this daycare facility. When we arrived, the director invited us into her office along with an assistant and told us how thankful they were for our help.

She went on to say that at the exact time I had called, they had been trying to plan for a carnival on Friday but didn’t know if they could pull it off on their own.

And then I realized, God had been holding off the other ministry opportunities so we could get to this daycare.

As I reflect on this story, I am again reminded that there are circumstances God allows into our lives that at first might seem to be a trial or unnecessary difficulty, however, God’s plan is often revealed on a different timeline than our expectations.

This Sunday, I look forward to sharing from Colossians 1:24-2:5 about how suffering can be a gracious gift from God. Of course at the moment, we typically just want it fixed and for the suffering to go away, however, God’s plan is often so much different and ultimately the suffering we endure as a gracious gift from God should strengthen our confidence in the Gospel.

I hope you can take some time to read through Colossians 1 and 2 for yourself and then plan to join us in person at 8:00, 9:15 (Full KidCity) or 10:45 am, or watch the Livestream on YouTube (Like and Subscribe) or Facebook at 10:45 am.