Ready, set, hike

Ready, set, hike

This past week, our middle son Isaiah attended his first-ever football camp. He is going to be entering the 5th grade and we are deciding whether or not to let him strap on the pads.

Before we arrived for the first day of camp, he had a few nerves, but for the most part, was convinced that he was ready to play.

He was focused on the coaches, quick to get back in line after water breaks and on the first day was asked for his name and told he was a really good running back.

That positive affirmation carried a shelf life for the next three days. All week, he has been focused and on point.

Imagine the difference if that same coach had watched him play and then asked for his name, but instead of telling him something positive, told him something negative.

Imagine if that coach told him he was too small to play running back. That would have crushed him. Imagine if he went back the second day and that same coach told him he didn’t run good pass routes and his attempts at drills were awful.

Isaiah would not only be discouraged, but he would also have been ready to give up on football and try another sport.

Of course, this didn’t happen at the football camp, but often this type of negativity occurs within relationships. There are times expectations are not met and communication is poor and all parties are discouraged and ready to give up.

So, what can you do if you have caused someone to be discouraged by your negativity? The book of Philemon has much to say on this topic.

This Sunday, Pastor Jeff is going to be sharing our third sermon from the book of Philemon on the topic of forgiveness and restoration. I am confident you will be encouraged. In addition, we have a special gift for all fathers in attendance to celebrate Father’s Day.

I sure hope you can join us on Sunday in person at 8:00, 9:15 (Full KidCity) or 10:45 am, or watch the Livestream on YouTube (Like and Subscribe) or Facebook at 10:45 am.