2020 Youth Missions Trip to Peru

This year’s trip to Peru is an amazing opportunity that I am excited to share with leaders and teens alike.

Our trip will be from June 19th-29th of 2020. We will be landing in Lima Peru first, we will then have a short domestic flight from Lima to Puerto Maldonado which is farther in land where we will be serving for the majority of the time. Puerto Maldonado is a small jungle town that sits on the Rio del Madre de Dios. We will be staying and working in Puerto Maldonado for 5 days, serving at a local Christian library, running a soccer camp and a VBS for the local kids. We will then be spending 2 days in Lima on the return trip in order to experience some of the cultural differences between Puerto Maldonado and Lima. Maldonado is a very rural town, while Lima is the capital of Peru.

Our host will be J.R. Dudeck, who moved to Peru permanently in the fall of 2018, to serve as a full time missionary. In July of 2019 JR acquired some land and has a vision to build a Christian camp called New Hope Camp.

Our goal for this trip is three fold. We want to:

  • Love– The people and the opportunity to experience new culture
  • Serve– Those in the community and our team
  • Connect– with everyone we come in contact with

In reading the story of the “Good Samaritan” we see that Jesus makes the point that our “Neighbor” is whoever we are close to. And in the case of that story the Samaritan’s neighbor was someone from a different culture and way of thinking. I am looking forward to us all getting a little out of our comfort zones to love and be loved by the people of Peru.

Please pray for the leadership team and for the people that we will be in connection with in Peru and please pray for the youth, that all our hearts will be open to connect with the Father’s heart more. And that we will effectively connect with everyone we meet.

If you would like to contribute financially to this trip, simply click on the link below.


Thank you. -Elevation Youth Leadership Team