Peace like a river

Peace like a river

This school year, our boys are enrolled in a charter school that is a virtual academy. This means they are each home during the day and Leigh-Ann has a lot more work.

It also means more competition, more arguments and of course more love…well…maybe.

There has been one game-changer though….

As a pastor, I would like to tell you something spiritual….like they are memorizing and now fearlessly living out the fruits of the spirit…or they spending an extra hour in prayer a day….or they are rushing to spend their free time planning how to advance the Kingdom….

Not yet anyway….

Do you want to know what the game-changer is?


When I was their age, our headphones were a one-inch diameter speaker covered in cheap foam held in place by a band of metal that never fit right. They either slid down to my jaw or wedged above my ears…and the fact they were plugged into a Walkman with a cassette tape didn’t help much….

But nowadays….the headphone game is strong. A few weeks ago, I tried on the kid’s noise-cancelling headphones and it felt like I was in another world.

I was in the middle of our living room, there were two parents, four kids and two dogs getting ready for dinner. There was movement everywhere….and it felt like I was alone at a private concert.

I was experiencing peace like a river…

Have you ever wished there was noise-cancelling headphones for life…a way to simply block out all the loud voices and confusion and turmoil?

Well actually there is such a thing…in fact, I look forward to sharing more from John 16:25-33. In these verses, Jesus is preparing his disciples for trials and tribulation and the final words the Apostle John records before Jesus begins His prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane is, “in me (Jesus) you may have peace.”

We can take heart because no matter what is going on in our world, through Jesus we are promised peace…and that’s even better than those noise-cancelling headphones.

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