• A local church serving downtown KC, MO …
    • Engaging the Un-engaged
    • Developing leaders
    • Supporting the family
    • Emphasizing: “every person matters”
  • A network of members serving where they live, work and play – showing compassion and creating community for the people around them in their everyday life
  • A collaborating partner in the greater KC area

We are a Downtown Church; a Network of Neighbors and Kingdom Partners building bridges for people to access and experience the Gospel of Jesus.


As Jesus rolled out the idea of the church, He intended it to be an all-encompassing union of people who were so devoted to knowing Him and making Him known, that social, ethnic and cultural differences would be eclipsed by that overarching greater mission.  At New Life CityChurch, we have, on-purpose, built a church family that is geographically, ethnically, socio-economically and generationally diverse.  We want to illustrate that the good news of the Gospel unites us in Christian love much more than our differences divide us.


The Gospel doesn’t make our differences go away.  Instead it provides a common purpose around which we rally.  We find better solutions to the challenges that face our city because we pursue common goals in the context of multiple points of view.  We find commonality in our pursuit of Christ-like living.  United, we pursue these spiritual disciplines.