Membership in a church is unlike most other communities.  Most communities are organizations, but the apostle Paul says the church is an organism.  He uses the analogy of a body with various parts – ears, eyes, hands, feet. And makes the case that a body isn’t complete or functional without all the parts working together.  At New Life CityChurch, we talk about it in terms of our activities in the body.  Each member must be a consumer and a contributor –

  • Consuming “nutrients” from the body by feeling care from other members and learning from the Bible together
  • Contributing by using individual abilities and spiritual gifts to build up and encourage other members of the church

The Bible doesn’t give a list of reasons to join a church nor does it give a comprehensive list of all that membership entails, but this is our attempt at detailing that relationship. Membership at New Life CityChurch

We require each member to sign our Membership Covenant.  It’s the commitment they make to every other New Life CityChurch member. New Life CityChurch Membership Covenant

To learn more about membership, register for our next New to New Life Class. In this one hour class, the Elder Team will share the “why” behind what we do at New Life CityChurch. Classes are held every other month. Click the registration link to see the schedule.