Thursday night around 9:00pm, Leigh-Ann and I went to Wal-Mart.

Not impressed?

Well, you should be…along with the rest of Kansas City we went to get final ingredients for school Valentine parties. One of our kids volunteered to bring Cotton Candy…seriously…what happened to chips or soda?

When we walked in the door the lines were already wrapping down the aisles. One aisle of Valentine goods was totally empty. If I didn’t know better, I might have thought it was the eve of Armageddon.

This was no place for amateur shoppers and with five kids and many years of experience Leigh-Ann and I were up for the challenge.

We moved flawlessly through the produce and grocery aisles, splitting up when it became an advantage. We conquered the diapers and shaving cream. We literally weaved in and out of people who didn’t seem to care at all about the fact that it was after 9:00pm and they still had to make it through the checkout lines.

The checkout lines…why do they build 40 checkout lanes and only open 8 of them? I have been to Wal-Mart hundreds (I hope not thousands) of times and have NEVER witnessed every line open…just sayin’.

If I were reading this email, I would be thinking, why would they willingly attempt something so painful?

We were actually happy to endure the torture of Wal-Mart with joy.


Because we were doing it for our daughters. I’m going to be honest, we love them like crazy and if we can help it we don’t want to disappoint them.

We knew the Valentine Day parties were really important to them and the least we could do was to brave the crowds at Wal-Mart…fearlessly.

In case you’re wondering, there is no Wal-Mart in the Bible. However, there is a whole chapter about people who did incredibly risky and daring things because they wanted to please their God. The feats we are going discuss on Sunday are out of this world amazing.

Stories about leaving everything and moving to somewhere unknown. Covering for spy’s, battling massive odds and facing giants and lions head on.

I hope you can read through Hebrews 11 and then come out for our service at 10:45am. And if you do need to get something from Wal-Mart…good luck.

Have a great day!