I never like driving into the unknown at 35 MPH…
A few days ago,  some road workers dug a trench on the road that I take from home to church. At first, it was about a 3 inch lip, but a few days ago they covered the trench with a heavy steel plate.
Earlier today, I was driving from home to the church office and was travelling about 35MPH (which is the speed limit in case you were wondering/judging :)), and didn’t notice  that steel plate until I was probably 50 feet away.
At that distance/speed I would have to slam on my brakes and take it very slow or I could just continue on at 35MPH. In the past I have tried both methods of crossing a bump in the road and at times it is just as easy to keep going fast and sort of fly over….
This time, I decided to keep moving at 35MPH and something interesting happened just before my tires made contact with the steel plate….
My stomach bottomed out…
Within milliseconds, I had visions of blowing out a tire…and the fear of the unknown at 35MPH was somewhat overwhelming. If I am the only person that experiences the random “stomach bottoming out effect” I will feel a bit awkward by Sunday…so hopefully someone out there can relate…hello…anyone???
My less than professional opinion on the “sbo effect” is that for a moment, I realized that I was out of control in the situation. At the instant before my tires connected with the steel plate, there was nothing I could do to change what was going to happen.
50 Feet back, I had time to slow down….but at the point of contact…it was all out of my control.
Life can be like this…there are moments when we can feel like we are hurling down the road out of control…we will be tempted to worry about what could happen…even if we have no control. It may seem like God has left us in the middle of a chaotic world.
God’s sovereignty is the topic for this Sunday…which is BACK TO CHURCH SUNDAY by the way so make sure you at least make an attempt to invite someone to join you. We will begin a series in the book of Daniel.
There is so much HOPE in Daniel because weaved throughout the entire book we will find the sovereignty of God. The plan for this week is to study some of the historical context and then work through the first 7 verses. The title for this week is “Finding clarity in chaos.”
I really hope you can come…and watch out for road work!