This Sunday we will be studying from the book of Esther and contrasting what it means to be a consumer versus a contributor. As we follow her story, we will discover that Esther could have kicked back and enjoyed the perks of being queen. I imagine this would have included lavish comforts, popularity and power.
Esther is remarkable though, because when her time came to take her step of faith, she moved with confidence and conviction. She seemingly had no fear. She moved from consuming all that her world had to offer her and boldly contributed to the rescue of her people the Jews.
Opportunities to contribute still surface today…and often, kids have much to teach us on this subject.
For instance, earlier this week I was driving Sophie to school after dropping off Alexa. We were talking back and forth and then after a short silence, Sophie blurted out, “sometimes when I pray I ask God to give Gary a hug for us.”
In case you don’t know, Gary is our dear friend who passed away from cancer recently. His life is the inspiration for our current sermon series entitled, “Building our Legacy, live a life that counts.”
When I heard Sophie bring that up out of the blue, I was humbled and rebuked. I have much to learn from a 9 year old. As a dad, I wanted to be proud of her.
But I couldn’t be….
She didn’t receive her soft heart for others from me. God not only made her to be sensitive to the needs of others, God presence in her life protects her from some of the power of sin. Left to herself, she would be mostly worried about her own needs and focus in on what she could consume from the world around her.
Since God’s Spirit lives in her, she was prompted to think of Gary and then to act boldly and contribute with the resources that she has, so she prayed.
I am pretty sure our topic for Sunday will reveal a battle that each of us face on a regular basis. I can’t wait to discuss it more.
I hope you have a great weekend!