Maturity is something that grows through experience and over time. For some, it takes longer than others.
When I was in college, our football team took a missions trip to Ireland. We had a blast! And if you are reading this and gave sacrificially to this trip, we also served many needs and shared the good news of Jesus…a lot :). Seriously…we did.
But we also had fun and did a few things that would border on being immature.
I take that back…we were very immature. I remember shortly after we arrived at our home away from home, we took a walk over to the coastline.
The views were amazing. Steep cliffs overlooking the Ocean…it seemed so surreal. That is…until my good buddy started climbing down the rocks. I have attached a picture, because there are no words to describe the situation he made for himself. He got stuck on the middle of a cliff about a hundred feet above the ocean. We ended up tying backpacks together to reach down to him and help him back up.


Earlier today, several of us who witnessed this complete lack of judgment shared some laughs over facebook.
All I could think of was, “If my kids ever tried something as immature as this and survived, I am not sure they would live to tell about it.
I still get a smile on my face every time I think back to this experience. We knew if coach heard about this, we would be sentenced to mandatory conditioning  for the rest of the trip.
Looking back over my  lifetime, I have done plenty of ridiculously immature things. Surviving those lapses in judgment is one reason, why I have matured…at least I think I have matured :).
This Sunday, we are going to study about a man who did some pretty crazy things…he took on foreign warriors, a giant and even killed a lion in a pit on a snowy day.
The courage of Benaiah bordered on stupidity. I am confident that once we have the opportunity to study the entire story, we will begin to understand some challenging reasons for Benaiah’s courage. As a result of Benaiah’s obedience, God blessed him with a spiritual maturity that is a part of his legacy today.
Who knows, you may even be inspired to take on your giants. Though, I would still stay away from cliffs overlooking the ocean.
I hope to see you tomorrow!