Minister at New Life CityChurch

You long to see lives changed by the power of the Gospel, but you don’t see it nearly often enough. You’ve been a Christian for a long time and want to pour your Christian faith into someone who’s eager to grow and learn. You want to be part of something that’s vibrant, growing and making a difference in the city. If this is the longing of your heart, but not your current church experience, we want to talk to you.

We’re New Life CityChurch and we want to be your church home. We’ve been blessed with a steady stream of people who are new to the Christian faith or are examining the claims of Christ for the first time. As these people come to Christ, their lives are being radically changed by the Spirit of God. We need Christians who are mature in their faith and want to make a difference by investing their lives in these believers.

New Life CityChurch isn’t a collection of saints who have it all together. Instead we are a gathering of sinners who are painfully aware of our own need for God’s grace. We happily share the redemptive work of Christ with those that God brings to our church family.

If you’ve backed out of church because you no longer see transformed lives, if you want to be involved in something bigger than yourself, if you want to exercise your gifts and talents, let’s have coffee and talk about you feeling the joy of making a difference that’s clearly seen.