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More than any church I’ve ever attended, New Life CityChurch is a community of real, genuine people who are acutely aware that they have failed God – some by committing “big” sins and others by selfishly taking the reins of their own life and denying God His rightful place as King of their life.  In the very same moment, we revel in the fact that God Himself moved to remedy that problem by sending His son Jesus Christ to die for our sins and offer to us a relationship with God.  The community that is born from those who believe these truths is strong and loyal.  To deepen our relationship with God, our relationships with each other and share that news with Kansas City is the reason New Life CityChurch exists.

We’d be honored by your visit.  We’re not a church of sinless church-goers who have it all together.  Instead, we’re a community of Christ-followers with our own personal struggles who want to see our lives continually changed by the power of the Gospel.  It’s the ongoing, transforming power of Christ that keeps us humble and progressing.

Pastor Troy