The New Life CityChurch Men’s Ministry gives men the opportunity to come together in a relaxed atmosphere along side other men.  The men’s ministry meets monthly in an effort to build a “brotherhood” where we can share our life experiences with one another and grow spiritually.  We do this through monthly breakfast meetings where we study God’s Word or a Christian book.  We also do work projects throughout the year.  We have two retreats per year, one in the spring and one in the fall.

Spring 2019 Men’s breakfast Podcast Schedule

Jan. 19 – Pastor Tom Joyce, retired Navy Captain: “At a boy” https://tinyurl.com/NLCCMen1-19

Feb. 16 – Pastor Mike Kelsy: “Race and Religion” https://tinyurl.com/NLCCMen2-16

March 16 – Pastor Garrett Kell: “Sermon on the Mount” https://tinyurl.com/NLCCMen3-16

April 20 – Pastor Garid Beeler: “Making the most of our Life: https://tinyurl.com/NLCCMen4-20

SAVE THE DATE: 2019 Spring Float Trip – May 17-18

If you have questions or would like to talk with one of our men’s ministry leaders, you can contact:

Fred Todd (Leader/Facilitator) – 816-560-9927

Troy Campbell (Elder/Facilitator) – 816-591-7152

Travis Logan (Facilitator) – 816-787-4772

Gary Moore (Food/Planning) – 660-329-1117

Listen to our Men’s Ministry Leaders

Fred Todd
Fred Todd
Union Carpenter

The men's ministry gives me an opportunity to share life with other Christian men - our struggles, our sadness, our goals, our joys and anything that men encounter as we tread through life. For me it is a staple that I can't imagine going without.

John Sanborn
John Sanborn
Commercial Plumber

I have experienced life enough to know that being a man who is called to live out my faith and lead my family is impossible without godly influences. I need God above all and other Christian men, in different stages of life, to come beside me to support me. I want to be a part of building such relationships and helping facilitate avenues for the men in our church to be successful.