What have you done this week to make a difference in someone else’s life?  If it takes you longer than a few moments to answer this question you need to view the following link … http://www.stservicemovie.com   (it only takes 3 minutes).

I have watched this several times and each time I see it, I am touched by the moral of the story.  It only takes a moment to make a lasting difference.  As Christians, we are called to make a difference through serving others.

This Sunday, we have the opportunity to look at a story from John 5:1-16 about Jesus making the ultimate difference in the life of a paralytic.  He came face to face with a man that had been unable to walk for 38 years, and not only did He heal him so He could walk, most importantly, Jesus gave him eternal life.

I hope you are planning to come and willing to pray for God to work in the service.

I hope you have a “New Life” day….the way life is meant to be!!!