Leaf it to the boys

Leaf it to the boys

A few days ago, when I drove home, the boys were busy raking leaves.

At first, I thought they were in trouble for something and leaf duty was part of a punishment. Then I noticed a large pile and immediately figured it all out. They were building a pile so they could jump into it.

Watching them work brought me back to the days when I was their age. What would it be like to sprint towards a pile of leaves and take off spread eagle and then land on the cushion of thousands of leaves?

At this age, it would hurt….a lot!

And with my luck, there would be a large branch waiting to puncture a lung or leave me with some sort of long-term injury.

Oh to be young again!!!

The thing about leaves is they pretty much just drift with the direction of the wind…or a rake…or a blower.

Wherever the environment takes them is where they go.

This is why we don’t build houses out of leaves or depend on leaves as a source for heat or really anything.

The pinnacle for a leaf is to make it into a family Bible to be dried and pressed for a few years.

I have yet to hear someone aspire to be like a leaf…however there are books written about trees that are not moved by the environment around them.

So, when it comes to our spiritual life, we shouldn’t aspire to simply be influenced by the environment around us, but rather we should stand strong in the face of adversity. This Sunday we are going to learn from the life of Peter…initially, he was influenced by his environment and he denied Jesus, however, he recovered and experienced forgiveness and restoration. There is plenty more for each of us to consider this Sunday, in our study of John 18:12-27 in our sermon series, Discovering God.

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