Hope again

Hope again

I love to watch buildings being restored. Shows like Extreme Home Makeover are incredibly fun and full of anticipation because, in just a short time, there is a well-deserving family who receives a home they could have never otherwise afforded.

Although we haven’t been blessed by a Makeover show, in 2015, we moved to our current church location at 1717 McGee, KCMO. This was a labor of love….and doubt and frustration and desperation…but in the end we made it and our church had a home.

Over the past nearly 8 years, we have watched countless lives transformed by the power of the Gospel. We’ve added a second service and now a third. We have begun to max out our seating capacity in our services and it’s getting close to another project.

We have been talking about doing something since before COVID-19 hit us out of nowhere. There have been times when it’s seemed we hit a dead end and then something pushes us through.

Hope has been high, low and everything in between.

Now, hope for a balcony to add some seating and office space is being restored for New Life CityChurch.

Do you know the feeling?

Whether it’s a house, church building, relationship, job possibility, or even the 4th quarter of your favorite team that is losing…think Vikings Vs. Bills….when life feels hopeless, we tend toward discouragement and disappointment.

However, when hope is restored, it’s like we have a new lease on life. Our optimism grows, we get a bounce in our step, and we may even whistle…. restored hope is a game changer.

This Sunday, I look forward to continuing our Advent sermon series by studying from Zechariah 3:14-20 with a sermon entitled, “Hope Restored.”

Israel was experiencing dark and what seemed like impossible situations….and then God sings over them, the Messiah is promised and Hope is Restored.

I can’t wait to share more and I look forward to seeing you at 8:00, 9:15 (Full KidCity available), or 10:45 am, or you can watch the Livestream on YouTube (Like and Subscribe) or Facebook at 9:15 am. Additionally, we are also publishing our sermons on Spotify.