Help for Grandma and Teen Girl Transitioning Out of Homelessness

Help for Grandma and Teen Girl Transitioning Out of Homelessness

Neighbors Who Care (NWC) learned about a family in need through a request made by a case worker in CarePortal.  A 13 year-old girl and her grandmother had just recently secured an apartment after being in and out of homeless shelters and temporary housing. Because of ongoing financial challenges due to COVID, the family continued to struggle with maintaining stability. The girl was struggling with self-esteem and abandonment issues, as she has not had stability for the majority of her life. They were facing eviction as grandma does not have income outside of social security and does not have a support system that can help them. They owed $320 and were getting charged an additional fee each additional day of overdue rent and nowhere else for them to go.

One of our generous partners in the community paid two months (over $1,000) of rent to ensure the family did not have to go back out on the street.  This donor also supplied the family with several boxes of much-needed clothing.

Grandma was enthusiastic about meeting members of our NWC team in person, who began to visit her and learn more about her story and situation.  It quickly became clear that the list of needs was almost endless – no vehicle, bills needed to be paid, food supply was short, many maintenance issues in the apartment, no laundry soap to wash clothes, and almost no furniture in the house other than a couple air mattresses.  Nonetheless, Grandma was very jovial and friendly and open to sharing her story which was absolutely incredible – she had raised five kids in inner-city Chicago and escaped an abusive relationship in order to move to Wisconsin to provide them with a better life.

On top of everything else, Grandma recently suffered a serious injury to her right arm during a bad fall and has been in constant pain and in and out of surgeries and appointments.  Her doctor is ordering her not to return to work in the meantime until the arm improves, and unfortunately it has not gotten better as they were hoping.  The most recent prognosis was not favorable and she is facing possible amputation.

Since meeting them, NWC and it’s network of concerned partners in the Kansas City community have stepped in to provide food, furniture, toiletries, household supplies, bedding, small appliances, legal help, rides and emotional/spiritual support.  The case worker for the family has also been very helpful in partnering together with our team to guide this family toward financial stability as much as possible.

How You Can Help This Family

  • There are still many practical needs you can help this family with that can be shipped or delivered in person. View the current list of practical needs here!
  • Financial Needs– To provide funds for this family, you may purchase a Walmart gift card as outlined in the above list, or donate at
  • PRAY for healing of Grandma’s arm! Pray for a miracle that Grandma’s arm would heal and that she would not lose her arm or use of her arm, making life even more difficult and adding another barrier between this family and their financial stability.
  • PRAY for God to provide for their immediate needs.
  • PRAY or the family’s spiritual growth and to attend church with us – they have planned to several times but have had to cancel due to Grandma’s pain and health issues.


How You Can Help Neighbors Who Care


Please email with questions.  Thank you for your support!