Fellowship, Faith, & Fatherhood

Dads need to know they are created to be great fathers, leading their families and serving their communities and their churches. In scripture and in studies for decades, there is no doubt that fathers are key contributors to child development. 

This is why Neighbors Who Care and New Life CityChurch (newlifecity.church) are passionate about strengthening communities by pouring into fathers.  Good Dads KC (gooddadskc.com)  is how we can do this.

Good Dad’s KC exists to provide instruction, inspiration, and encouragement to fathers, helping their children realize that they belong, are loved and affirmed, so that they and their children can be the best they can be.

There are lots of ways we can impact dads in our KC community through the efforts of Good Dads KC.


Through group and individual mentoring, online resources, events and employment assistance, we can help dads pursue becoming the kind of dads they truly want to be.

There was recently a six-month weekly training at Bridge of Hope church in Kansas City, KS (bridgeofhopekc.org), where dads from all walks of life could come and share their stories and receive training on how to be better men and better dads. This involved teaching from a proven curriculum, providing group and individual mentoring, and advising them in practical ways as to how to approach their children and their children’s mothers regarding the role and need for healthy fathers in every family.

The graduation was on August 4, 2022 and many of these men shared amazing stories about their journeys.  Luther Eatman, pastor of Bridge of Hope Church, and Dr. Jennifer Baker, founder and president of Good Dads (gooddads.com), both gave moving commencement messages to the graduates as well.

One graduate – a former gang member – shared how his life had dramatically changed for the better from this program, with tears in his eyes. Another compared getting his certificate as meaningful as receiving a high school diploma. A number of the graduates’ family members – wives and children – were present for the celebration of these dads’ fulfilling achievement.

The contrast between the rough and difficult backgrounds and lifestyles from which some of these men came, and the level of vulnerability and gratitude that culminated on that final day celebrating together, is evidence of the real transformation that we are seeing.  One graduate shared a poem at the ceremony that he had written, below.  This man, having been released from prison just days before entering the Good Dads program, showed keen insight and a healthy grasp of the plan of salvation through the poem he shared that night.


Heaven’s Grocery Store

I was walking along the highway some time ago, when I arrived to a beautiful place called Heaven’s Grocery Store.  “Interesting” I said.  “I think I will take a look inside”.  When I came to the doors, it opened wide.  To my surprise, there were angels everywhere!  One handed me a basket and said, “shop with care”.

Everything a Christian needed was there.  I marched down the aisles grabbing bags of love, cases of joy, cans of peace, liters of long suffering, pounds of kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness, self-control, all the fruits of the Spirit.

I came to a section where a sign read “free, take one”.  Looking at what it was, it was salvation.       

My basket was getting full, when an angel whispered to me saying “this is a 24/7 store.  If you get low, our stock is unlimited so you could always come back for more”. 

I came up to the register to be checked out and asked the angel behind the register, “how much do I owe”?  Without looking at me he just said “take them everywhere you go”. I laughed and again I said “how much do I owe”?  He looked at me with a smile and said, “my child, Jesus paid your bill a long time ago”.

-Lewis Covington


We are very excited to continue to reach more dads and want to congratulate and continuously support these men on their journey.  We are currently making plans for the next round of training and need your support through prayers, finances, and/or your time.