Overview of Group

Faith in Motion is bridge between the Jackson County Children’s Division and New Life Church that provides assistance for social workers, foster parents and children and at-risk biological parents.

Opportunities for Involvement

Prayers for Children

  • Manage and communicate the names of children that are available for adoption
  • Agree to accept specific prayer requests by e-mail and commit to pray for the needs

School Uniform Program

  • As little as $50 will provide one complete uniform per child
  • DFS will provide you with the name of a child, exact uniform specifications and the date the uniform is needed
  • Once purchased, the uniforms and the request sheet can be returned to New Life for the social worker

Parents Night Out

  • Provide care for foster children in order to relieve foster parents for a day or evening
  • Plan a program for the children within the church facility

Adopt a Social Worker Program

  • This is a great opportunity for our church to become a resource for one or more social workers
  • There will be one point of contact for the social worker through which to communicate needs such as furniture, supplies or even small projects
  • When a need arises, the Division of Family services notifies New Life CityChurch of the need and in turn we communicate the need to our membership
  • Once completed the church contact will receive confirmation of completion from the social worker

Influencing the Future

  • Support city wide plans for churches to assist children aging out of the system
  • Support and encourage other foster care/adoption ministries throughout Kansas City

Listen to our Faith in Motion Leaders

Troy Campbell
Troy Campbell

Leigh-Ann and I began the foster/adoptive parent journey about seven years ago. Although we anticipated learning about needs and finding opportunities to serve needy children, we totally underestimated the impact this ministry would have on our lives. We are involved because God has called us to serve "orphans" and God has used "orphans" to change our lives.

Carol Persley
Carol Persley

Life can be devastating for children whose parents cannot or will not nurture, love and guide them. I want to help uplift children and families so that they can receive the blessings God intends them to have.