Several weeks ago, I suggested to our kids still at home that we should play fantasy football. I thought this would be a fun way to learn the game of football and spend time together.

It’s been a pretty big hit….

We started with a draft and for the most part, used the professional’s opinions to influence our picks. However, I was proud of each of the kids for thinking outside the box at times and finding some hidden treasures to draft.

Once the teams are drafted, each player earns points each week based on player performance in their NFL game….those points are added up and each team manager gets a total score….at the same time, there is a schedule between team managers so every week, one team competes against just one other team.

The highest score between the matchups gets the win.

In fantasy football, the players are only as valuable as their performance.

My kids and I are pretty hardcore…if a player doesn’t perform…he gets dropped.

Performance-based relationships work fine for fantasy football, but they are dreadful when it comes to life.

This Sunday, we continue our sermon series through the Gospel of John and we will focus on John 17:6-10. This is a prayer of Jesus for His disciples.

Imagine if Jesus had treated His disciples like a fantasy football team, at the first sign of doubt, He would have dropped them….any tendency toward weakness and they would be dropped…if they failed to perform a miracle or cast out a demon….dropped.

Of course, this is not at all how Jesus treated His disciples or even close to the way we are called to treat others.

I look forward to sharing more this Sunday about how Jesus invested in His disciples in spite of their behavior and unbelief. I know there will be plenty to encourage us in our faith journey.

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