Daniel – The Church’s Influence on Today’s World

In March of 2020, the world shut down because of a virus known as COVID-19. The changes experienced are unprecedented and the future is still uncertain. In the Old Testament, the book of Daniel highlights the journey of a young man into exile. He did much more than survive a tragedy, he influenced an Empire. His success followed His unwavering faith in our Sovereign God. As you can imagine we can learn a lot from Daniel’s decisions to follow God at the risk of losing everything.

6/7 – Finding clarity in the chaos (1:1-7)

6/14 – Life without compromise or regret (1:8-21)

6/21 – Sweet Spot: God’s sovereignty and your obedience (2:1-23)

6/28 – “I have a God” (2:24-49)

7/5 – Faith under fire (3:1-30)

7/12 – God is not an optional feature for life (4:1-37)

7/19 – The Party God crashes (5:1-31)

7/26 – Facing lions / Power in the Pit (6:1-28)

8/2 – A Vision of Four Kingdoms, Jesus Christ and the Ram, Goat and Little Horn (7:1-8:27)

8/9 – The power of prayer (9:1-27)

8/16 – Glancing behind the curtain and ahead to the Tribulation (10:1-11:45)

8/23 – Tribulation and Triumph (12:1-13)

8/30 – Final Thoughts on Daniel