Thriving in an evil world – Psalm 37

Life is cluttered with stories about pain, suffering and sadness. Text messages, catastrophes, and angry posts flash across my screen endlessly. Fortunately, this same phone powers my Bible apps and study tools and directs me to our eternal hope through Jesus. Over the next nine weeks we will direct our focus to Psalm 37, written by King David towards the end of his life. After experiencing plenty of shame, injustice, and pain, he points us to our loving God to answer the questions of pain and suffering in our world.

7/10 – Psalm 37:1-2 – Don’t worry about evil.

7/17 – Psalm 37:3-6 – Simply trust in the Lord and obey Him.

7/24 – Psalm 37:7-10 – Take rest and be still before the Lord.

7/31 – Psalm 37:11-15 – The meek will delight in peace.

8/7 – Psalm 37:16-22 – Be content with all God provides.

8/14 – Psalm 37:23-29 – God’s got you.

8/21 – Psalm 37:30-36 – Treasure God’s Word and trust His timing.

8/28 – Psalm 37:34-36 – Faithfully wait on the Lord.

9/4 – Psalm 37:37-40 – Live out your purpose as a person of peace.