Discovering God – A Study from the Gospel of John

When Jesus was on earth, He had a best friend known as John the Beloved. He spent three years with Jesus walking between Galilee and Jerusalem and watching Jesus perform miracles like feeding the five thousand and walking on water. He also felt his pain while in the upper room before His crucifixion. John the Apostle watched the sky grow dark, felt the earthquake and likely heard Jesus cry out, “It is finished.” When John witnessed the Resurrection of Jesus, he committed his life to share the message of salvation through Jesus Christ.

In the Gospel of John, we see God in plain sight. If you are searching to learn more about Jesus or have studied Him your whole life, the Gospel of John provides a fresh opportunity to examine the evidence for the teaching, miracles, death and resurrection of Jesus. We pray through this sermon series; you will discover even more about God to help you grow in your faith.

2/16 – Provision: The Good Shepherd (10:1-18)

2/23 – Security: The Messiah (10:19-30)

3/1 – Faith: The Son of God (10:31-42)

3/8 – Sorrow: The Death of a Friend (11:1-16)

3/15 – Hope: The Resurrection and Life (11:17-44)

3/22 –  Fear: The Religious battle for Control (11:45-57)

3/29 – Worship: The Generous Nature of Love (12:1-11)

4/5 –  Preparation: The Sway of Public Opinion (12:12-19)