For many, life in the city offers only a bleak existence.  The bitter realities of human slavery, homelessness, neglect, and food insecurity plague the lives of countless men, women, and children in cities around the globe.  Although none of these issues are easy to solve, the love of Jesus compels us, followers of Jesus and kingdom citizens, to action.  Cru is partnering with hundreds of like-minded churches and passionate organizations in an effort to catalyze Gospel transformation and bring light to the darkest places of the city. New Life CityChurch, Cru City and Elevate KC join together with collaborative leaders to meet the city’s deepest needs.  We are convinced that their unique relationship networks and influence are to be wielded to serve God’s vision for the city.  Conveners accelerate strategic collaboration for the gospel transformation and well-being of cities.  For more information, http://cityleadershipnetworks.com/