Creating A Circle of Care Around a New Mom and Her Four Children

Creating A Circle of Care Around a New Mom and Her Four Children


It started with a car seat.  

Neighbors Who Care responded to what appeared to be a very simple-to-fulfill request for car seats from CarePortal.  A family new to Kansas City, and also new to the country, had four children: an 11-year-old girl, two boys (aged four and six) and a newborn infant.

Not one of these children had a car seat.  The safety laws that are well-known to most born in the US were not understood by this family and purchasing that many car seats would be a very large expense that was not planned, and the family clearly did not have the funds to purchase.

Church members knew they could help, and car seats were gathered.  A New Life City Church member, Dani Paup, delivered them to the family.  Upon her arrival, however, it became clear that the need was a tad greater than just car seats: The father had left.  With the car.  And the abandoned mother, with four children, had no income.

Rent – Needed.

Bills – Past due. 

Food – Not enough.

Diapers – Running low.

Word quickly spread about this mother’s challenging situation.  Many mothers in the Kansas City metropolitan area were sympathetic to this woman’s basic needs.  Generous women from New Life City Church, the Brookside Mom’s Association, Gather KC and numerous other groups, circled around this mother and contributed meals, household items, gift cards, art supplies, rent payments, clothing, a TV/DVD, as well as extending an offer to provide English tutoring.

With assistance from all these generous sources, the mother was able to get her job back.  A neighbor is taking care of her children while she works, and she and her children are on the road to self-sufficiency. It started with a car seat.

It ended with the presentation of a Spanish Bible and this mother saying she’d enjoy getting to know more loving people like all these women that would reach out to help complete strangers 🙂