Jeff Shrout

Connect Groups are New Life’s “small groups” to help connect people to God and to one another. I am passionate about Connect Groups because every person is created and designed to live life together. Connect Groups give smaller environments to belong, have more personal discussions and ask authentic questions in order to grow as disciples and develop relationships.

Connect Groups are kicking off for the 2023 Spring Season starting the week of 1/15/2023

Here is a list of the groups:

Connect Group Listing – Spring 2023

Name Day Time Location Leaders
KC-South CG


Sun 3:00pm South KC Brock & Ella Tendick –

David & Sharon Hyatt –

KC-North CG


Mon 7:00pm Panera – N. Oak & Englewood John Sanborn

Mission CG


Mon 7:00pm Yancey home –


Natalie Yancey –

Priyanka Kashyap –

KC-North CG

(Men-Young Adults)

Mon 7:00pm Macra home –

KC North

Alexandru Macra –

Andre Patrocinio –

Crossroads CG


Tues 7:00am New Life Troy Campbell

Parkville CG


Tues 6:30pm Lenihan home – Parkville Jeff & Anna Lenihan

Rockhill CG


Tues 7:00pm Livingston home –


Jonathan York –

Angela Livingston –

Volker CG


Tues 7:00pm Haugen home – Volker KC, MO Zach & Jennie Haugen

Mission CG


Tues 7:00pm Wehr home-


Jimmy & Kelley Kelley –

John & Heather Wehr –

KC-North CG


Tues 7:00pm Sherry home –

KC North

Jeff & Tammy Shrout –

Andrew & Heather Sherry –

Union Hill CG

(Women-Young Adult)

Tues 7:30pm Kane home -Downtown KC Jordan Kane –

Jacqueline Leonard –

OP-Central CG


Tues 7:30pm Yao home –

Overland Park Central

Richard & Sarah Yao

Shelter KC Womens CG


Wed 5:00pm Women’s shelter –


Anna Hurt

Brookside CG


Wed 7:00pm Rabe home – Brookside Jeff & Tammy Shrout –

Mitchell & Tessa Rabe –

Independence CG


Thurs 6:30pm Totta home –


Ben & Bri Totta –


Historic Northeast CG


Thurs 6:30pm Bell home –

Historic Northeast

Jerry & Alex Mills –

Jason & Ellen Bell –

Crossroads CG


Sat 9:30am New Life Gary Moore

Questions? Contact any leader or Jeff Shrout –