Cheap entertainment

Cheap entertainment

Last night, two of our boys and I entered into a healthy competition. We were at a soccer field (I know that’s a surprise 😊) and we decided to shoot on each other.

I figured out a way for the two boys to compete against me (if they compete against each other, typically war breaks out), and here’s how it went: They each had to shoot on me and if they each made at least one shot out of five, I owed them $1. However, if I scored from way out, I would get to subtract $2 from my debt…one for each kid 😊. We spent an hour and a half, and I of course lost some money.

Cheap entertainment from my perspective.

At my lowest point, I owed them each $14…however, I got a few lucky shots and saves and lowered the bill to $8.50 each by the end of the night.

The $.50 was part of a negotiation….but that’s probably another story.

I’ve learned if there is money involved, things get serious fast. In fact, there was quite a bit of strategy involved since the boys both had to score in order to make any money.

On multiple occasions, Dallas walked up to Ian and coached him about what to do and how to do it….and there were at least a few times it worked great.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could get a subject matter expert for each of our tough decisions in life….when more than $1 or $2 is at stake?

Well, actually, this is one role of the Holy Spirit. He is the perfect subject matter expert on every decision we have to make.

This Sunday, Pastor Dave will be continuing our sermon series, “Discovering God Now & Forever” from the Gospel of John. He will cover John 16:5-15, which reveals much about the Holy Spirit who longs to direct, teach and empower us.

I doubt the Holy Spirit will be much help in the next soccer competition, however, when it comes to our spiritual growth and decision making, He’s perfect.