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Making It Count

Last night our oldest daughter Alexa was given a soccer opportunity that she has been working toward for a long time. She was asked to play up with a team in a higher division. For the past two seasons she has been on the bubble and never quite able to get the nod from her […]

Something We Can’t Ignore

On Wednesday, Leigh-Ann took our oldest son, Dallas into the ER because he was having a hard time breathing. They took him back immediately and began treating his asthma attack. After a while they concluded that it was serious enough to admit him to the hospital. After multiple treatments and medications, he progressed beyond the […]

Learning to Value Trials

This past week my daughter Sophia developed several blisters on her feet while playing soccer. I noticed it while she was playing in her second game in one day. She was favoring one leg a little, but the giveaway was that when there was a loose ball, she was a step behind. Usually for Sophie, […]


This past week my dad had a heart attack and then a few days later went under the knife for open heart surgery. I am very grateful for the opportunity I had to be there with my dad, mom and siblings for this crucial life event. Dad is in great shape and as a result […]

Journey of a Lifetime

Today, Leigh-Ann and I celebrate 16 years of marriage. Ahhhh…marriage. Marriage is a loaded word…so many experiences by so many people that colors so many perspectives. Just for fun, I Googled, “marriage is like” and came across a Huffington post article of 14 tweets that was pretty negative regarding marriage. Here are two of the […]