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High Five’s or New Rules

I have been thinking about Game 6 all day today. The game had so many amazing features and I didn’t even turn it on until the 8th inning. Even though I am not a huge fan of either team, two of my favs are in the series: Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton…neither disappointed last night. […]

I tink they’re talking about me…

Yesterday morning we were hosting a Bible study at our home and were discussing the sermon from this past Sunday from Revelation 3:7-13 about the church in Philadelphia. We were talking about going through open doors and taking opportunities when they are presented.   Dallas was hanging out with us during that discussion. He walked […]

The Outrageous Promise

Leigh-Ann and I made it home safely from Budapest this past Monday evening. I think we are both pretty well adjusted back to the Central Time zone and living in America. Clearly we missed our kids, family and friends, but we had such a great time. I have shared with several others that it was […]

Budapest and beyond…

Where do I start…there are so many topics to write about and so little time. We have been in Budapest all week and it has been absolutely incredible. We arrived on Sunday afternoon and stopped at the hotel and then took the bus straight to the church that our friends helped to start. That evening […]

Budapest, Rust and Truth…

Last night Leigh-Ann and I attended an information meeting for our trip to Budapest, Hungary. God has provided us with an awesome opportunity to join about 40 other Americans (10 from Kansas City) in Budapest for a time to encourage missionaries, evangelize high school and university students and participate in educational forums. We all found […]

Faith or Fear

One thing I have learned as a parent is that kids are fearless…until…they learn how to fear. Leigh-Ann loves to throw our babies over to me…and so far we have not dropped one of them :). Think about it…even if they are just a few feet away, a baby that is 2 foot tall travelling […]