Weekly posts from Pastor Troy, commentary from other New Lifers and New Life CityChurch news.

The Chase

This past week has been pretty exciting for the Chiefs Kingdom. For starters, how about the Super Bowl win? Our entire playoff run has been some come from behind magic. It seems the Chiefs almost wanted to test everyone’s faith in their ability to pull it off. I would say that down 24-0 shook a […]


Since all five of our kids play competitive soccer, we end up going to a lot of games. I have never stopped to calculate how many, but I’m pretty sure if I did, the number would be four digits (1,000’s :)).  While at the games, I’ve observed many different fans…loud and dumb (can’t think of […]

Fake Fans

The fact that the Kansas City Chiefs are in the super bowl is awesome for Kansas City. I have noticed that simply wearing any sort of Chiefs memorabilia instantly makes friends. Anywhere from the grocery store to the gas station, simply saying, “Go Chiefs” to someone in red makes me smile from ear to ear. […]


Over the next few days, our family is enjoying time with Leigh-Ann’s family. So far it’s been a great trip…the weather is nice…the kids are getting along…and the setting is beautiful. Since my in-laws live on a golf course, I have enjoyed watching golfers come by all day. Pretty sure no one will be quitting […]


A few days ago, we had our first major snow storm of the season in Kansas City. The flurries started falling Sunday morning and continued on and off through most of Monday. If you were outside (like at the Chiefs game instead of church :)) or had to drive in the winter conditions, it may […]


Last night we were able to attend the Christmas Concert for our three boys. It was a really nice evening watching and listening. Perhaps the highlight was a portion of one song when Isaiah had a solo. I could be wrong, but I think he is our first kid to sing a solo (if not, […]