Big Doings

Big Doings

Yesterday, Dallas celebrated his 13th birthday.

Time flies!

He was too excited to sleep, so he woke up early. He just couldn’t wait to open his gifts and enjoy a day of celebration for him. He and I went out for lunch and Leigh-Ann made him his favorite dinner-tacos and homemade ice cream cake. We also posted on social media about how much we love him and since he turned 13, we also allowed him to open his own social media accounts.

Big doings!

When it was time for him to open his gifts, we all gathered around with excitement. Everyone had contributed and couldn’t wait to see his smile when he opened them. Dallas even got to choose our evening activities, and by the end of the day, Dallas was brimming from all the love and care.

As a family, we pulled together to demonstrate our love for Dallas by doing good things for him.

This Sunday, I am looking forward to finishing our sermon series in the book of Titus by studying from Titus 3:8-15. In a sense, Paul is telling Titus to encourage the church in Crete to pull together in their unity around the Gospel. This will translate into good works and generosity toward others while at the same time avoiding people and conversations that could threaten their unity.

Even though a birthday only happens once a year (at my age that is a really good thing 😊), it’s a great reminder that unity produces good works.

I can’t wait to see you all on Sunday to share more (don’t forget to spring ahead),