An Unlikely Friendship

A year and a half ago, a couple of chaplains from our Neighbors Who Care team met with Aneesa, a single mom of two teens, working a full time job during the day and a second job at night to make ends meet. When she received a diagnosis of epilepsy (uncontrolled seizures), her income took a hit since she had to leave work unpaid each time she had an episode. During this time her mom was taking care of her two kids.  


Her situation was advertised in CarePortal, where it got the attention of the Mizzou football team.  The request was for $705 for rent.  Mizzou was moved by her story and funded the entire $705.  Neighbors Who Care became involved to deliver the funds and connect with Aneesa.


One of our NWC chaplains made initial contact while she was in the hospital for observation.  She mentioned she had not been to church in a while because she had been struggling with depression in recent years.  He offered to come visit her and told her he would pray for her either way.


This chaplain did eventually get to visit her there and the experience left a lasting impression on them, feeling that hospital visits may be one of the best ways to do ministry. Aneesa was open to sharing her situation and they immediately built a strong connection.   Her mature and positive attitude stood out, in spite of many challenges including severe depression, difficult relationships, abuse, financial issues and health problems.

These struggles also provided a pathway for the chaplain to connect with and encourage Aneesa about spiritual matters, helping her grow closer to God and to pursue her personal relationship with Jesus.


Our team has been staying in touch, offering support and inviting her to church.  Recently, she let us know that her seizures are under control and that she is currently working at KU Medical Center in environmental services, but has her sights on returning to school to pursue nursing. Of her two children, one is currently working diligently and staying on the straight and narrow, while her other son is still struggling. Aneesa is diligent in her prayer life, to the point where she has determined to dedicate a room in her home to prayer.  She is also regularly attending a church.


This amazing story all began with a gift from a generous donor who was moved by Aneesa’s situation.  Your contributions not only help us to meet immediate needs like Aneesa’s rent, but they help us behind the scenes to recruit, train and send out team members who volunteer their own time, walking into the homes of their neighbors in need and offering friendship and hope.


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